Getting workers to wear and continue using industrial personal protective equipment (PPE) has challenged safety and health professionals since a California businessman began selling headgear made out of leather in 1898 – the first PPE. Thanks to a few trending themes in the workwear category, that’s beginning to change and PPE styles have come a long way over the past 120 years.

Wrangler® is a brand that has mastered the design of heavy duty workwear jeans, including flame-resistant (FR) material, after creating denim crafted for the toughest rodeo athletes for 75 years. Known for their superior quality and durability, workwear was a natural next step to showcase Wrangler’s craftsmanship and artistry.

Industrial PPE has always seen popularity among safety professionals, but working in modern touches to add style to basic gear is a trend that has enjoyed booming popularity with consumers. Working modern style features into PPE is bringing fun back into standard gear, by combining fashion with workwear to create styles that allow workers to feel and look their best, while remaining safe on the job. Wrangler has successfully capitalized on this growing trend with their Wrangler Retro® Collection, which has grown alongside the RIGGS Workwear® Collection to include the latest and greatest workwear styles for tradesmen and hobbyists alike.

Safety and health professionals seeking compliance with PPE policies while also enjoying workwear products with this consumer-like styling should keep these selection factors in mind:

  • Look for manufacturers that have crossed over from consumer clothing to industrial wear with long-standing, credible brand names and signature logos and patches. Workers are drawn to the quintessential brands they know and trust for their off-the-job clothing.
  • Look for manufacturers with a history of storied craftmanship and artistry capable of producing industrial clothing of superior durability, comfort, mobility, effortless styling and protection. Hard workers are looking for apparel that works hard for them on a daily basis, specifically clothing that withstands demanding worksite conditions and onsite hazards.
  • Manufacturers should provide workers a wide range of clothing choices, especially when it comes to classic pieces, like traditional denim that tradesmen often treat as their daily uniform. Today, the workwear market includes a wide selections of reliable jeans, tops, outerwear, and more, you just have to know where to look.
  • FR material has become a critical component of many PPE clothing lines, as workers need apparel that takes on-the-job safety seriously. For many workers, FR clothing is an essential tool of the job. High-quality, specially engineered FR garments protect the wearer from burns caused by flash fires, electric arcs, and combustible dust. This allows workers in a number of industries to tackle potentially dangerous tasks.

The Wrangler Retro® Collection is a stand-out option for those looking for workwear that checks all of the boxes. Available in two washes, the Men’s Wrangler Retro® Flame Resistant Slim Straight Work Jean is a classic style designed at the convergence of where flame resistance meets retro style and acts as your first line of defense against flames, sparks and other hazards. Wrangler is providing workwear that’s anything but the old stiff as a board style, with jeans made from mid-weight denim crafted with a cotton blend that features the right amount of stretch to keep workers moving freely throughout the day. The Flame Resistant Slim Straight Work Jean provides a slim fit throughout the seat and thigh for a functional and flattering look, and styles that pair perfectly with boots for men on-the-go. The jeans also feature Wrangler’s classic retro details, including a signature leather patch and back pocket styling. The style is perfect for everyday work wear, with a zip-fly front closure and plenty of pockets. For additional safety, the jean includes safety orange ID labels on the outside of the pant for high visibility.  

The bottom line with FR stylish clothing: You want a work jean that combines safety and effortless style to keep you looking your best day in and day out — while keeping protection at the forefront with styles built to take the brunt of any job on a worksite to-do list.

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